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Ontario Provincial Police

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Daenerys Targaryen takes 4th place honors with a respectable 31 chapters.

  • Early Life Queen Noor of Jordan was born Lisa Najeeb Halaby on August 23, 1951, in Washington, D.

  • When the pyre dies out the following morning, Daenerys emerges from the ashes alive and unburned with three hatched dragons.

  • The commanders of the Second Sons order their lieutenant, Daario Naharis, to kill Daenerys.

Ontario Provincial Police

The News Journal Wilmington, Delaware.

  • Daenerys realizes this makes Jon the heir to House Targaryen.

  • The shift was so abrupt that even actor Emilia Clarke admitted to struggling with it.

  • What we do Our officers are responsible for policing over one million square kilometres of land and waterways.

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