Felix deon art - The Art of Felix d'Eon — All of my artwork is 20 percent off in my etsy...

Deon art felix Felix d'Eon

Deon art felix Expanding Queer

Felix d'Eon Signed Watercolor Painting

Deon art felix This Gay

Deon art felix 10 LGBTQIA+

This Gay Mexican Artist Makes the Coolest 4th of July Art You’ve Ever Seen

Deon art felix The Witches

Felix D’Eon

Deon art felix Reclaiming Gay

Felix d’Eon

Deon art felix Felix d’Eon

Deon art felix The Witches

Deon art felix The Art

Episode 7: Félix Frédéric d’Eon

Deon art felix Expanding Queer

Queer Artist Felix D'Eon's Illustrations Are Beautiful Depictions of LGBTQ Love

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  • About the artist: Felix was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, to a French father and a Mexican mother.

  • Big chains have notoriously stolen the designs of indie designers, and gotten away with it.

  • Her work is largely inspired by medieval manuscripts, , her Norwegian heritage, the occult, and most notably, her cats.

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