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Serena del Mar y la Fundación Serena del Mar siguen aportando al desarrollo de la zona norte de Cartagena

Del Rey grabs the leg of Benjamin, and Hero with a big boot that knocks Shelton to the floor.

  • Life was good until the age of four when first, his mother died battling cancer.

  • Both men climb up to the top rope.

  • Butterfly lock by Ayumi but broken up by Del Rey.


After her mother passed she moved to New York to find Christi.

  • King and Titus both have taped fists.

  • A man in a mask interferes and hotshots Generico, Elgin with the spiral bomb for the 3 count.

  • For now, Christi is in a good place, but for how long will her state of happiness last? Entre ellos se encuentra el curso intensivo de camillero, formación enfocada en la Atención del Sistema de Emergencias médicas, control de hemorragias, quemaduras, heridas, entre otros.