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The Transformation Of Sarah Shahi From Alias To Netflix's Sex/Life

Christa Renee As we cook a mustard-crusted salmon and she demonstrates knife skills that are so bad, they're dangerous, Shahi explains that she just quit her Nicorette habit, which is strange, since she's never smoked.

  • So, she does as any bored housewife would do.

  • Plus, I don't know about these stairs.

  • The show ran for six episodes before being canceled.


However, there is another show she starred in that led to her inclusion on this list.

  • But there are also some professional ones too! Dani Reese, the primary female character, and Alias as a supporting character.

  • One of the moments in the colorful film that was hard to ignore was when her character was thrown on a bed and her robe fluttered revealing her nether regions very briefly.

  • She doesn't have that private time.