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Vietnam War: Causes, Facts & Impact

Vo is currently working in the Ferguson Spine Research Laboratory to investigate the molecular and cellular processes responsible for intervertebral disc diseases, with special emphasis on understanding gene regulation of the major disc extracellular matrix constituents.

  • In the ensuing peace accords, the country was partitioned, and became the leader of communist North Vietnam.

  • Vietnam War: The Essential Reference Guide.

  • Although the North's Nguyễn Huệ Offensive during the spring of 1972 was beaten back with high casualties, the proposal did not require them to leave the South.

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Giap: The Victor in Vietnam.

  • Vietnam: State, War, Revolution, 1945—1946.

  • In terms of his personal life, he was also able to move back in with his wife, from whom he had been separated for eight years during the war.

  • When it became clear that France was becoming involved in a long drawn-out and so far not very successful war, the French government tried to negotiate an agreement with the Viet Minh.