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Question about Chris : Konosuba

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Eris and the Discordians

That would certainly anger a father, who have to turn away all the suiters she deems… unsuitable.

  • Hands represent our dexterity, allowing us to control and interact with the world.

  • Allowing her consciousness to expand, into who she really is.

  • While disguised as Chris, she displays an even more cheerful and energetic demeanor that is almost always seen with a big smile and boasting a bright personality.


Yet he forced her away in his boat none the less.

  • Kits that relies entirely on combos never work.

  • I made the finishing edits on this article, while there was a Yod from Venus and Mercury, making an apex out of Sedna, North Node and the Pleiades.

  • Learning not to allow others to take advantage of you, or walk all over you.

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