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They talked about a world I knew nothing of, a glamorous world of recording studios and record contracts.

  • Did you really put Bloods and Crips on this list? I couldn't call my parents or go home early, or they would know I had lied and, like many teenagers, I was scared.

  • Besides, I don't know how he got inside since the door was dead-bolted.

  • It happens to nice girls and girls who get drunk, in bars and clubs, and it will go on happening until this issue is tackled head on.


I signed the check, but could barely balance myself.

  • The group, more famous for its rivalry with Crips, is known for its brutal acts.

  • In reality they were nobodies.

  • I know it was he and his little accomplice, but how do I know? How can I close my eyes and voluntarily become unconscious? I prayed that meant they had used condoms.

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