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Christa Helm's Tragic Death Made Her Only Daughter an Orphan at 9 — Her Scandalous Diary May Be Motive

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BOOKSTEVE'S LIBRARY: The 1977 Murder of Christa Helm

Outside of acting, she excelled at parties and bedrooms in the Hollywood Hills.

  • As the abuse progressed, Christa and her two sisters were moved to live with their father permanently.

  • Did you have nightmares about that uniform? Her West Hollywood murder on February 2nd of 1977 received surprisingly little coverage for someone so well known in the gossip columns and amongst the stars themselves.

  • I also thought the cameo from Uncle Rico was amusing, even if the circumstances were horrible.

The mUder of Christa Helm

We bummed a cigarette off her and then started chatting.

  • We soon learn that Lola and Monty Burns Bobby Van , the pianist and music director for the pageant, were up to no good.

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  • On February 12, 1977, she was found at age 27 in West Hollywood.