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Pam and Tommy First Look Photos: Sebastian Stan and Lily Evans Are Almost Unrecognizable

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Courtney Love Slams New Pamela Anderson Series and Its Star Lily James

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Lily James poses naked for Burberry campaign

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Pamela Anderson’s biggest scandals including the stolen sex tape & banned ads after Lily James signs for new drama

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I knew she would be a big star.

  • Tommy Lee—at the latest—was a hard-drinker, drug-user, and sunbather, since the 1980s; 20 years prior to the sex tape.

  • However, as the first pictures surface for the show, fans are taking to social media to share their shock at Lily's 'amazing' Pamela Anderson transformation.

  • Her acting career began with a part in the British television series Just William 2010.

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The dream sequence is prompted by an attractive brunette assistant offering the group cream in their coffees.

  • Some fan pages even reportedly began posting the photographs.

  • It was an unexpected leap for both of the actors, but we're even more floored by the Pam and Tommy first look photos that series co-star Seth Rogen this weekend.

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