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The magazine photographed 10 popular Instagram models—including Rocky Barnes, Sahara Ray, Ellie Gonsalves, and Jasmine Sanders—fully nude for the latest issue aka treatsissue10 , which will hit stands next week.

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  • However, she was let off with a warning since she was using an alias.

  • After a colleague signed up her OnlyFans account - purely for research purposes, we're sure - the suspicious nurse screenshotted the sexy material and sent it to her boss.

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Prior to obtaining that position, she signed up for the Navy at 17 years old.

  • So Rae, a 37-year-old mom of three, decided to quit, noting how much more she made on OnlyFans.

  • She got off with a warning, as she didn't use her real name, nor stated where she worked.

  • Why did Allie Rae leave nursing? She says her managers issued her an ultimatum: Quit OnlyFans or resign from your job as a nurse.