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The Return of Big Red: World's Scariest Feminist! (TV Episode 2017)

Death threats, rape threats, doxxing, and stalking.

  • Mel, specifically, you sound like one of those misogynist trolls who are tediously insistent that women are only feminists, or lesbians or, gasp! But the lecture continued until Big Red or one of her delightful and rational friends pulled a fire alarm.

  • I'm so sorry for her.

  • Rather than just let them give their opposing point of view, the man-hating dick choppers resorted to childish temper tantrums and bullying techniques.

Chanty Binx speaks up after 3 years of harassment, capped by bizarre privacy breach :: We Hunted The Mammoth : GamerGhazi

Women brought an unwanted war to our doorstep? Come at me i belong to a forum for people with autism.

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