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My son is exactly like the little guy described, and apart from making me sit through High School Musical 2 instead of father-and-son rugby games, I couldn't love him more.

  • No one told her that other football players, who she said had bullied Humphrey in the past, planned to show up.

  • And the example she sets is something that, gay or straight, he'll admire all his life.

  • Get in good with a kid, allow secret privileges, and then blackmail kids into keeping the sexual abuse a secret.

SeMarion Humphrey: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A little boy's future is at stake.

  • Or making him eat dog shit to make a man out of him see the book Ten Points by Bill Strickland.

  • Let's use some hard examples, shall we? This is not a prank.

  • Boys see something cool going on and want to join in.

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