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This caused severe chemical burns to her throat and mouth.

  • Majestic released this film on 15 April 1933, and then they released The Sin Of Nora Moran on 13 December 1933, eight months later.

  • Starring Carole Landis, Herman Brix, Charles Quigley, David Sharpe, and Charles Middleton.

  • Jeanette Loff had a beautiful face and a soprano voice.


The other years, 1929-1934 All commentary, captures and collages are by Brainscan.

  • This is part 7 of Republic's 12 part 1939 serial.

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  • Read more about Inger Stevens Inger Stevens October 18, 1934 Stockholm-April 30, 1970 Hollywood Hills otherwise known as Inger Stensland was an American actor.