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In the future, Miley may have some competition in the music industry, but right now she has it in the style department because Noah has a very unique and bold sense of fashion! Share The children's series never presented a romanticized version of life on the prairie - in Little House In The Big Woods, Laura and her sister Mary gleefully help dissect the family pig before bouncing its inflated bladder back and forth in the yard.

  • We had to crop this photo of her pants, but you probably get the idea! We have a feeling people will be hearing a lot more about Noah Cyrus in the future, because her career is just getting started! Kelly also relaunched her YouTube channel this year, where she breaks down her gym workouts into sessions focusing on upper body, abs, legs and booty 'I eat lots of fish, all vegetables except potatoes, I love slow-release carbs like oatmeal for breakfast, yogurt and lots of berries and fruits,' Kelly added.

  • Why yes, it seems that Noah has a dangerous side! Pioneer Girl: The original version of Laura Ingalls Wilder's autobiography was likely written in the late 1920s and will finally be published this fall 'So you can read Pioneer Girl as nonfiction rather than fiction and get a better feeling of how the historical Ingalls family really lived, what their relationships were and how they experienced the American West,' she said.

  • Kelly complements her diet with gym workouts and outdoor activities, such as tennis and beach volleyball.

Nude dancer Nelly takes pride of place in Irish gallery

The six-bedroom, seven-bathroom home sits on a massive 12-acre lot and spans 10,799 square feet.

  • Her avant-garde pictures of nude Mona Paeva on the Parthenon were published at the French magazine Illustration de Paris and caused a scandal in the small city of Athens of that time.

  • The home went on the market on Thursday.

  • The home was designed as a palatial, Tuscan-style mansion, and there are multiple rooms with their own balconies.