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He admired her taste, he told her that it would be hers one day, and he kept his word; years later he left her the shell house and the house in which it stood.

  • Her whole life had disbelief as its pivot and for this reason I had always been wary of her.

  • Every blogger wants to be the Fairy Godmother of Books.

  • Frank Wolf is a distinguished senior fellow of the 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative.

Touch and Go by Elizabeth Berridge

Plus the clothes and hats are very aging.

  • The writing was strangely distant and the characters confusing.

  • Having the Germans in close proximity reminds her of time spent with her brother and his studies in Bonn, when Germany brought more pleasant thoughts to mind.

  • But she is best known by far not for her novelsā€”of which there were more than a dozenā€”but as the author of the dramatic adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein which was used by Universal as the basis for its classic 1931 film version, directed by James Whale.

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