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Best of all, the clientele, like the owner, leans to the mellow, international side -- you'll see students, academics and young families, and you'll hear a lot of foreign accents.

  • Three double-sided racks of pitch-black printed tees await you, any one of which will announce your newfound affair with the dark lord and make you the foe of the holy rollers everywhere.

  • The most important and most mandatory rule I will ever have is always, always use slaves safe words when it is reaching its limits.

  • My slave shall speak only when the Mistress April gives permission.

Slave Training

All you can do, and all you are permitted to do, is feel and obey.

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  • It was one of those Adopt-A-Highway signs, you know, the kind usually sponsored by the Sierra Club or the Audubon Society.

  • I was disappointed to find the spiritual teachings had little to say about the positive aspects of sexual pleasure.

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