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Wayne Brady Is Pointing Out a Racist Joke From ‘Who’s Line Is It Anyway’

Drew was clearly never as good as the other 3, but sometimes it'd be hilarious partially because of that.

  • She's gorgeous no ugly jokes there , black, and a woman.

  • Charlie Wheeler, Joey's and then Ross' girlfriend, in the ninth and tenth seasons.

  • As a child, she spent a year living in Ethiopia with her family and later replicated to an ashram in Oakland, California.

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It kicks off the fall party season with a bang and starts the real roll toward Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • Who was controlling it when it was played on Trust Us With Your Life? Stana Katic made her debut with a small movie Acid Freaks 1999, later worked in Shut-Eye, Pit Fighter, Stiletto and The Spirit.

  • Tyler as well wrote, starred and directed the short film The Whipper.

  • Post-The Hangover, it looks like Heather has dropped back into a series of less than awesome movies.