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Ass Claps and Brunch Love: 'Broad City Live' Comes to Brooklyn

Ilana Glazer left wears a Nour Hammour jacket, Erdem dress and Alexis Bittar earrings.

  • It is so inspiring to hear an artist, particularly a woman, talking about how good her work is with such confidence and no apology.

  • But I got into a war with Judd and Morris and things like that.

  • I'm like well this is like my experience is the thing or else the artists would have written a whole manifesto about the thing.

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When she storms out of his apartment, harness still strapped to her pelvis, she gets her cheap, green penis stuck in his door.

  • For instance, that's why Don started his own museum in Marfa and why he wanted his own spaces preserved because he put so much care into where everything went.

  • Every New Yorker has had some version of this experience.

  • See for yourself in the first full trailer for the timey-wimey, T-Rex chasing Time Traveling Bong! Glazer starred alongside and in the 2017 comedy.